Saturday, March 18, 2017

And happily ever after...

Family snuggle time
I've retired from blogging. I've been channeling my creative energy into other hobbies, and I'm feeling uninspired to write about my wife's transition because it's just... done. She finished all her surgeries a year ago (I sung happy birthday to her vagina last week). We both took my boyfriend's last name so we'd have one family name when we start trying for babies soon. The three of us are just living happily ever after right now.

Life after transition means I get to watch the woman I love engage with the world as her true self. She passes 100% and dates a LOT. I borrow her clothes. We've been devoted to each other 16 years this month.

My wife is a babe! 

I'd been percolating on writing one final post to wrap up this blog but wasn't sure what I wanted to share. I've grown immensely over the past couple years. I've worked through my polyamory jealousy issues in therapy. I've become genuinely body-positive for the first time in my life by getting involved with burlesque. I've arrived at the most authentic expression of ME and have found joy and freedom through the process. And the catalyst for it all...for this vibrant abundant life I have... was my wife coming out as trans.

Celebrating after a burlesque show

Tonight I found my childhood Hebrew School workbook, and decided *this* is how I want to end my blog. Look at #6 in the right hand column under "10 things you don't do now that you think you will do as an adult." I have no idea why I wrote "have a husband/wife" but it gives me chills. It's a magical sign that this was all meant to be.