Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reason #14 Why I Love Polyamory

I was touched & grateful that my sister invited
both of my life partners to her wedding. 
I miss blogging. I have outlines in my head for rousing blog posts titled, "What I Learned About BDSM From Dating a Sadist" and "All I Want for My Birthday is a Threesome." But I've struggled to carve out the time or muster the energy to write.

Over the span of 6 weeks, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and started chemo, my sister got married (I was the matron of honor), and my polycule bought and moved into a house. I'm still recovering. Through it all, I've been grateful to have two committed life partners instead of one.

During my sister's wedding weekend, my wife stayed with my dad to take care of him. Aside from suffering through chemo treatments, my dad had nerve damage from a tumor on his spine, and lost the ability to use his legs. My wife fed him, kept him company, drove up alone to the wedding two hours away, live-streamed the ceremony for Dad, and then drove my my mom back home to be with him. Meanwhile, my boyfriend drove me to the salon appointment, picked up 300 pounds of ice for the reception, found and assembled a last minute guest book, and helped me with brunch for the wedding party the next morning. I can't imagine what the weekend would have been like without my mighty team of 3. Yet one more reason why I value polyamory-- extra support for challenging times.

Having my wife and boyfriend under one roof has been heavenly so far, but there is still endless work before we can feel settled in our new home. So I would love to tell you about my sexual revelations, but I need to go do some laundry and unpack boxes.