Saturday, June 21, 2014

Reason #3 Why I Love Polyamory

When I feel like snuggling on the couch, laughing about and agonizing over our latest crushes, I hang out with my wife Jake.

When I feel like a Broadway musical and an orgasm, I get together with my playmate Giovanni.

When I feel like being aggressively pinned against a wall and submitting to orders, I see my new love interest Edward.

When I feel like a casual meal and make-out session*, I meet up with my friend Mack.

When I feel like romantic, loving, almost spiritual sex (in private or at a party), I spend the evening with my boyfriend Bradley.

Polyamory gives me the freedom to explore a wide range of relationship dynamics, as well as different facets of my sexuality.

*Handjobs. Lying on the grass at a park. Climaxing while looking up at the stars. Not just for teenagers anymore.