Sunday, November 2, 2014

Taking Off the Costume for Halloween

Jay had a brilliant idea for a Halloween costume: makeup and girl clothes on half of her body, stubbly face and guy clothes on the other half, and a "this is the costume" sign pointing to the male side. She didn't have time to pull it together, but I love the sentiment.

Halloween can be complicated for a trans woman in the middle of transition. Jay worried that if she dressed up in a full woman's costume, people might mistake her femininity for part of the costume. Ick. She decided to keep it simple with a pair of bunny ears, pretty makeup, and a cleavage baring lace top (bold considering she usually goes out in androgynous attire). I thought her minimal costume choice perfectly communicated, "hey, I'm just a normal woman, celebrating with a little bunny flair for Halloween." I'm so proud of my cute wifey!

Jay said this was her first Halloween not dressed up as a man. It reminded me of a quote from the TV series Transparent. A daughter asks her newly out trans father if he (she) is going to dress up like a woman all the time now. The father's reply:

"My whole life I have been dressing up as a man. This is me."