Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thank You, Laverne Cox*

My wife says it's only her responsibility to educate one person a day.

By telling her story and explaining what it means to be transgender, my wife humanizes the trans experience and helps ignorant people become more understanding. Educating people is a self-serving necessity to gain the most basic respect and courtesy that cisgender people take for granted. It's also a noble endeavor to make the world a teeny tiny bit more trans-accepting, one person at a time.

And it gets exhausting.

I am grateful to trans celebrities like Laverne Cox who use their spotlight to spread positive awareness to millions more people than we can reach in our daily lives. I had the great pleasure of hearing Cox speak live at a university this month. Her presentation was part advocacy speech, part spoken-word memoir, and all fabulously dramatic and empowering. She said (I hope I'm quoting her accurately) that she strives to "amplify the voices of those who don't have a platform."

And for that-- thank you.

*My wifey, the ever-irreverent jokester, wanted me to title this blog post "Trans Girls Have the Best Cox."

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