Saturday, May 31, 2014

Round-Up of Awesomeness- May Edition

My favorite finds from the Interwebs this month:


Laverne Cox on Time Magazine Cover
This is groundbreaking for transgender awareness. After being snubbed for Time's 100 Most Influential People list despite being one of the top voted candidates in the poll, Cox is on the June 9th cover, The Transgender Tipping Point

Ryland's Transition Story
An accepting family helps their young daughter become their son in this poignant video. Watch when you feel like having a good cry.

Agender Portraits
Young people who identify as neither male nor female

Upworthy Trans Spoken Word
Her mom wanted her to wear a dress to prom. Here's what she wanted to say but couldn't.


A national conversation about misogyny erupted online after Elliot Rodger's killing spree in Santa Barbara. Within a few days over a million people posted tweets with the #YesAllWomen hashtag: Not all men harass women, but all women have been harassed by men.
Not all men are rapists, but all women are afraid of getting raped.
"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." (Margaret Atwood)
Men showed their unity with #AllMenCan
#YesAllWhiteWomen drew attention to the intersection of race and gender. When feminists site statistics about domestic violence and the wage gap, we should acknowledge that these are WAY worse for women of color.

Let's Talk About S-E-X to Kids
What if we admitted to children that sex is primarily about pleasure?

The Lizzie Project
At seventeen, Lizzie Velasquez found a YouTube video of herself entitled "The Ugliest Woman in the World," with four million views and comments urging her to kill herself. She has since become a motivational speaker and author. Her Kickstarter campaign The Lizzie Project successfully funded this month.

Re-Writing Stupid Sexist Headlines
The Vegenda hosts a contest to re-write sexist headlines


Were Christians Right About Gay Marriage All Along?
The Daily Beast on the Potential Rise of Non-Monogamy

Progressive Christian Debates Polyamory
John Shore started an inclusive dialogue about polyamory on his blog post Dancing cheek to cheek to cheek, and a number of polyamorists left comments defending the lifestyle. My dream is that one day we can stop debating monogamy versus polyamory all together, and everyone can just accept any loving, consenting relationship arrangements that make people happy.

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