Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Blog Name & URL- Transfinite Love

1. going beyond or surpassing the finite
My love for my trans wife is transfinite.
People who practice polyamory believe that love is transfinite rather than a scarce resource.

I am renaming my blog Transfinite Love- If you follow me in your blog feed (thank you so much!!), please update the URL. I'll be switching over in the next couple weeks.

I am terrible at naming things; I could never be a copywriter who expeditiously creates clever brand names. When I launched this blog, I was impatient to start writing, and I plopped in the best name I could think up. I've since decided that "Joyful Girl" doesn't adequately reflect the content on here, so I'm changing it while my blog is still relatively unestablished.

I googled "transfinite love" and the first search result is a video of a math geek performing a love poem to his wife at a poetry slam. That sealed the deal:

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