Thursday, February 27, 2014

Round-Up of Awesomeness- February Edition

Stuff from the Interwebs that made me smile this month:

Janet Rocks the Colbert Report
I love Colbert and I can't wait to read Janet Mock's memoir, Redefining Realness. Her Colbert Report interview was delightful.

Sex at Dawn TED Talk
If you like the premise of Sex at Dawn but have trouble slogging through the book, this 14-minute Christopher Ryan TED Talk is for you.

Beyond Women Laughing Alone with Salad
Whether you're a Sheryl Sandberg fan or critic, you gotta appreciate that is partnering with Getty Images to create a collection of stock photography that better represents women.

Trans-Friendly Bathroom App
The ability to pee safely is one of the many cisgender privileges that I took for granted before my spouse came out as transgender. Refuge Restrooms is a new bathroom finder app.

And Baby Makes 4
B.C. has a new law allowing three or more parents on a birth certificate. This poly news blog has the story, along with a compilation of recent similar legislation in the U.S.

Ethically Slutty Videos
The Ethical Slut changed. my. life. I'm looking forward to watching the new web-series with my polycule.

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