Monday, January 13, 2014

Petition for Trans Bullying Victim

16-year old transgender student, Jewelyes Gutierrez, is facing a misdemeanor battery charge after being involved in a fight with three girls last November. Regardless of who started the fight, these are the facts as I understand them:

1. Jewelyes was persistently bullied at school leading up to this incident.
2. The fight, which happened at the high school, was 3 against 1.
3. She is the only one of the four girls charged with a crime.

Other than discrimination, I can't fathom why the DA would prosecute, rather than leave the disciplinary action to the school system (which will hopefully improve its anti-bullying programs). Even the school officials are dumbfounded.

You can sign a petition for the charges to be dropped:

In other news, CeCe McDonald was released from prison today, after serving time for killing a man in self-defense during a violent transphobic attack. HRC posted an update here.

I am horrified by the continuing trend of violence against trans women and the prosecution of those who defend themselves. I used to feel secure walking in public with my husband-- what a luxury to have a big, strong man to protect me. Now I fear for her safety.

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